The main purpose of plastic recycling magnetic pump

Plastic recycling magnetic pump can be used in pollution control, medical, chemical industry, mining and other industries, the following is the specific application of plastic circulating pump in these industries, as follows: The main plastic circulating pump Use 1, Pollution control: Add sewage treatment chemicals to liquid chemical tank; Collect and transport waste liquid and exhaust gas absorption equipment (deodorization device, desulfurization before exhaust gas.) 2. Medical: artificial kidneys, cardiopulmonary and ultrasonic cleaning machines and various Medical equipment 3. Chemical industry: Sodium carbonate industry (hydrochloric acid, hypofluorite, secondary chemical production); Production of fluoride, chemical fertilizers; Gas absorption tower reaction liquid circulation; Oil refining (sulfuric acid) Class recovery and regeneration system; Strong acid transport between chemical plants and transportation vehicles. 4. Mining: metal smelting (conveying and circulating electrolyte), washing and disposal of waste liquid 5. Appliance industry: Electrolytic capacitor production (aluminum Membrane etching), dry cell and battery manufacturing process of conveying electrolyte, electricity 6 circuit board etching, semiconductor manufacturing process of conveying high purity chemical solution. , Plastic magnetic pump used in the electroplating industry: circulating filtration of various types of plating solution. 7, the food industry: the production of gluconic acid (hydrochloric acid); cooking oil refining (sulfuric acid), canned fruit industry (hydrochloric acid) X-ray film, black and white, color, three-dimensional photo of the sun. 9, industry: semiconductor chemiluminescence (EL), pesticides, pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemical production. Cleaning ion exchange resin; pure water production equipment; sea water desalination equipment. 11, metal industry: aluminum oxide film processing equipment, wire drawing, steel rolling and oil pickling, painting and degreasing oil pickling, oxidation Titanium, rare earth elements, etc. 12. Others: It is used in the fields of silver recycling, wafer manufacturing, experimental factories, refrigerators, drink machines, domestic boilers, heat exchangers, solar energy systems, bleaching and dyeing and laser systems, fountains, Ornamental fish tank recycling. Extended reading: Top ten brands of motor Guangzhou Central World Expo China Construction Water Exhibition pump manufacturers ranked ptc exhibition industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia pump network As editor: He Daohui (QQ / micro letter:) (Hotline:)

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