Video Surveillance Trends

Video Surveillance Trends From the 1980s to the beginning of the first analog monitoring, to the fiery digital surveillance of the previous years and now to the ascendant network video surveillance, in a short period of time of 20 years, the monitoring technology has become less and less rapid. The turbulent power of the mountains sweeps through China. Almost overnight, various network monitoring companies sprang up and flourished. But among them, only in the big waves can show the true gold style. As IP technology gradually unifies the world today, we need to re-recognize the past and present life of the video surveillance system and its development prospects. Due to our respect for technology, we made special visits to authoritative experts in this field. Mr. He Housheng, chief technology officer of technology company, Mr. He from the technical point of view, pushed into the market demand and application, for us to macro show the prospects and future of video surveillance.

The development of video surveillance systems is divided into the first generation of analog video surveillance systems (CCTV), relying on special equipment such as cameras, cables, video recorders, and monitors. Its limitation lies in its excessive reliance on the quality of the video equipment, affecting the ambiguity in the long-term preservation process. The second generation is based on the "PC+Multimedia Card" digital video monitoring system (DVR). The "analog-digital" monitoring system is based on a digital hard disk recorder DVR as the core semi-analog-half-digital solution. The risk of disk failure is related to RAID redundancy and tape. In contrast, "analog-digital" video recordings are not protected and are easily lost. The third-generation all-IP video surveillance system has enormous advantages: Simplicity - All cameras are simply connected to the network via cost-effective wired or wireless Ethernet, enabling you to use existing LAN infrastructure. Easy to upgrade and fully scalable - Easily add more cameras. Central servers can be easily upgraded to faster processors, larger disk drives, and greater bandwidth in the future. Comprehensive remote monitoring - any authorized client can access any camera directly. You can also access the monitoring image through the central server. Robust Redundant Storage - SCSI, RAID, and tape backup storage technologies can be used to permanently protect monitored images from hard disk drive failures.

As far as the current market is concerned, we have been working hard to promote the improvement and upgrading of third-generation video surveillance systems and make its services more user-friendly. In fact, it is to ensure that it protects real-time performance and security. The expansibility and flexibility are based on the ease of operation and the convenience of the user experience. Under the cloak of high-end technology products, it has become a product that can really provide services and guarantees for ordinary people. I hope in the near future. Video surveillance systems, like computers and mobile phones, go into millions of households and can be carried around at any time to issue instructions to improve the safety index and happiness of each citizen.

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