Experts for the Northeast soybean early maturing branch three strokes

The meteorological department predicts that due to the possible above-mentioned medium-intensity El Niño events, the initial frost time in Northeast China may be earlier this year. In order to promote the normal growth and development of soybeans and ensure the safety and maturity, the Ministry of Agriculture organized experts to put forward the guidance on the promotion of early-maturing and early-preventing soybeans in Northeast China with the focus on “drainage and waterlogging, foliar spray fertilizer and artificial fumigation”.

Drainage and sedimentation promoted growth In August, the northeastern region was still in its flood season, with more rainfall. For low-lying areas or plots prone to internal hemorrhoids, measures such as mechanical drainage and trench drainage should be adopted to eliminate water accumulation in the field and stagnant water in the plough layer. After draining, timely correct and straighten the plants, wash away the surface sludge, and promote the normal growth of soybeans as soon as possible. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Foliar spray fertilizer promotes early fertilization and early leaf fertilization to accelerate the growth process of soybean and promote its normal maturity. Generally, the foliage is sprayed with urea and potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate . The dosage per acre is 350-700 grams of urea plus 150-300 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate. According to the soil deficiency, the micro-fertilizer can be appropriately added. Generally, 25 grams of ammonium molybdate and 100 grams of borax are used in the acre, and mixed with water. The spraying time is preferably after 4 pm, and the flowering period can be sprayed 2 to 3 times. Conditional farmers can also spray high concentrations of foliar fertilizer such as brassinolide and growth regulators such as ketamine and chlormequat to effectively supplement nutrients and enhance plant resistance to cold and cold. At the same time, by removing the large grass in the field, the ventilation and light transmission in the field is increased to promote the growth and development of soybean. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Artificial fumigation anti-early cream pays close attention to the trend of weather change. When the temperature drops to the critical temperature of crop damage of 1-2 °C in the morning, the artificial fumigation method is adopted to prevent the early frost. In the upper vent of the immature soybean plot, place straw, leaves, weeds, etc., and slowly smolder, so that the ground is covered with a layer of smoke, increase the temperature of the near ground by 1 to 2 °C, change the local environment and reduce the frost damage. The smoked tobacco pile should be dense, the distribution should be even, and the smoke should be controlled as much as possible. In addition, chemical drugs such as red phosphorus are burned in the field to form a smoke screen, which also has an anti-frost effect. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Powder


PRODUCT NAME: Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate/Monobasic Aluminum Phosphate

PRODUCT TYPE: High Temperature Materials ,Binder



CAS No.13530-50-2.

PRODUCT APPLICATION:It( Aluminium Phosphate Gel ) is mainly used as binder and curing agent in the production of Hi-Temp Refractory Materials for kiln, spray paint, Fire clay, casting and foundry industry. It is a type of colorless and odorless but extremely sticky liquid, freely soluble in water and solidifiable at normal room temperature.


Test Items

Technical Parameters


White powder

The PH Value


Residue on Sieve %

0.5 Max

P2O5   %

 Total content


Al2O3  %

STANDARD PACKAGING: 25kg/bag, Plastic-lined woven bag or Composite paper bag.


Protect against weathering. Store in a cool and dry environments and prevented from insolation. avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. Special conditions for opened packaging: Close bags after use to prevent the absorption of moisture and contamination.

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Powder

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