There are plans to complete the truth of the wood door installation in 13 steps

The first step, understanding the structure of the wooden door

A wooden door includes a door leaf, a door cover, a door line, a seal, a hinge, a door lock, and a door stopper.

The second step, measuring the size of the door opening

Confirm the size of the door hole before installation and make final confirmation. If the humidity of the wall of the installation hole is less than 25%, if the humidity is greater than 25%, a moisture-proof insulation layer shall be prepared on the wall.

The third step, door pocket cutting

According to the measurement of the size of the door opening, the door pockets must be machined. When cutting, it must be noted that the incision cannot be lacquered, and should be smooth and straight.

The fourth step is to assemble the door cover

Use electric and self-tapping screws to assemble the door sleeves according to the finished dimensions.

The fifth step, installation, adjustment

Put the assembled wooden door into the door hole, and adjust the horizontal and vertical degree of the wooden door through wooden wedges and hanging hammers.

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