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Novice learning the bearing shortcut method list first move

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-30

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The novice to learn the bearing shortcuts list:
First, the bearing code analysis
1. NU : NU is usually attributed to the predecessor code; it is a type of cylindrical roller bearing; it is a cylindrical roller bearing with no rib in the inner ring; such as NU203. ECJ: I haven't seen this before; but I feel it is inside the cylindrical roller; it may be related to the insistence; it should be to strengthen the insistence!
3. M: Usually attributed to the post code; can represent the meaning of copper protection; that is, the bearing of the bearing is copper; for example: 22220. M may be 6040. M This M is the bearing frame of the bearing for the copper frame; however, there are also exceptions; each manufacturer's indication method is very different; according to each brand manufacturer's bearing naming method; only know what it means!
4. H : H should be attributed to the predecessor code; usually indicated as stainless steel; same as Japanese stainless steel SS; such as H 608 ZZ!
5. 2Z: 2Z is ​​also equal to ZZ; this is usually said to be a deep groove ball and angular touch type bearing; it is a secret method to show that the bearing is used: dust cover seal; other you may encounter RS ​​or 2RS, etc. It is the meaning of rubber seals; Z and RS are the meaning of large-face seals; 2Z and 2RS are double-sided seals!
6. N : N is usually the post code; it is used more on the deep groove ball; it indicates that the outer ring of the bearing has a groove 7 on one side. NJ: Same as NU; is a type of cylindrical roller bearing; however, NJ is a cylindrical roller bearing that indicates a single rib of the inner ring; NU has no inner ring!
8. ECM: This ECM is a post-code; usually the motor bearing has such a code; the price of this type of bearing is also higher than usual; such as 6204ECM.
9. 2RS: 2RS is also the post code; it is a kind of seal indicating method; it is double-sided rubber seal; can refer to 2Z!
10. CC/W33: There are two localities to say here; top of the list: CC is the meaning of iron protection; usually for spherical roller bearings; insist on the iron warranty; there is also a kind of support; Use CA to indicate; Second: W33 is also for the spherical roller; it indicates that this type of outer ring has a smooth oil groove and three evenly distributed oil holes.
11. K : This K is the meaning of taper; but the bearing type with K is the meaning of taper; if it is a single K; then the taper is K=1:12, if you see a type with a back K30, then this K30 is equal to 1:30 taper!

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