The feng shui taboo of the dressing table of the British Huazhuang furniture

The dressing table is a place to organize the appearance and is a tool to enhance the image. Then, how to put the dressing table from the wind and water? What kind of feng shui is placed on the bedroom dressing table? The following is a secret from the British Huazhuang furniture.

1. The dresser mirror should not be opposite the door

Because the door is used as the air outlet in the bedroom, it has a direct rush. If the two are opposite, the rush is even worse, which is detrimental to the physical and mental health of the occupants.

2. The mirror of the dressing table should not be facing the bed.

British Huazhuang solid wood dressing table

Sleeping on the mirror can easily lead to mental stress and emotional instability, which affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, the mirroring of the mirror will be detrimental to people's sleep health. The most ideal arrangement is to make the vanity mirror face up and keep parallel with the sitting position of the bed to form a coordinated and balanced feng shui magnetic field. You can also choose a dressing table with two door decorations. When you don't need a mirror, you will When the door is closed, it needs to be opened again when it is used, so that it will not form a flush, which can create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.

3. Dressing mirror avoids bedside

The vanity mirror is looking for the bedside, which is easy to be a nightmare or easy to make people feel bad.

4. Dressing table avoids no mirror

A dressing table without a mirror is not easy to play the role of lucky. It is also easy to feel insecure and easy to panic.

Neoclassical dressing table

The utensils are required to be placed

The standard dressing table is best to have mirrors, drawers, etc., and as far as possible for personal use. If you share the dressing table or dressing table and desk and work table with others, the private money is easy to be discovered by others, and naturally it will not be able to get together. Good fortune!

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