Small S husband and wife cross-strait with gold house Tomson Yipin VS Debao mansion

Currently living in Taipei 300 million yuan (Taiwan dollars) "Daibao" luxury small S, rumored recently in Shanghai, "Thomson Yipin" ç ¸ 100 million yuan (about 480 million yuan in cash) to buy a luxury house, and then there are intentions In the first line of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail investment confinement center, for the way from the shops.

The small S couple who already has a luxury home in Taiwan, and now invests in a luxury home in Shanghai “Tomson Yipin”, can be said to be a gold house on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. So now it’s time to unveil the life of a mansion on both sides of the S’s.

Part one Tomson product

Location: Shanghai

Number of households per floor: 1 household, 120 to 150 pings

Market price: about 480 million Taiwan dollars

Title: Shanghai's top luxury index

Star Home Improvement Company Residential

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