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Mistake One: Only buy expensive not buy right Because the decoration materials in the market are very complicated, the same product may have hundreds or even thousands of brands, the price is also different, the double bed as an example, from a few hundred dollars to With hundreds of thousands of yuan each, consumers are hard to discern, and prices are an important criterion for purchase, blindly pursuing higher grades and only buying the most expensive ones.

In fact, the price of a piece of furniture has a lot to do with its material, place of origin, and craftsmanship. The overall style of decoration must also be considered when purchasing.

Mistake 2: Excessive pursuit of large specifications Due to the progress of the craft, the specifications of the flooring are no longer limited to slender shapes. Square, rectangular and Other large-sized floorings appear before consumers. Due to the large number of flowers, many consumers are also willing to buy them, thinking that they are large. The floor of the specification is laid out with less seams and more beautiful.

However, the larger the floor size, the greater the difference in internal and external tension and the degree of bloating and shrinkage, so the large-sized floor is not suitable for geothermal heat. In addition, tiles are not necessarily the bigger the better, but also consider the actual space.

Mistake 3: blind pursuit of expensive tree species pear, chicken wing wood ... ... Some consumers like to buy expensive tree species of furniture, but not for collection, they believe that the quality of furniture made of rare tree species is also better.

In fact, the reason why these furniture is valuable is determined by the rareness of these tree species. Some rare and precious wood species are not necessarily more rigid and resistant to deformation than ordinary tree species. Some inexpensive tree species are more adapted to the northern climate.

Error 4: Tiles are cheaper. There is no such thing as a large variety of tiles in the home store. The price is naturally different. Some consumers only pay attention to suits when they pick ceramic tiles, and they only think that they are cheap. They think that ceramic tiles are cheap and do not matter, ignoring the services of the products and quality.

"Buy not sell the fine," the business will not do a loss of the sale, too cheap tiles are likely to "squeak" excessive, great harm to the body.

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