Choosing good doors and windows is the key four points to ignore

A good door and window is the first line of defense for home security. How can we choose a door and window that is both beautiful and elegant, classic and durable, and of very reliable quality? This is a problem faced by many owners. The net provides you with some windows and doors to buy, I hope to help you.

First, the materials

The main materials for solid wood doors and windows generally include three aspects: wood, glass, hardware, when the owner purchases products, they tend to pay more attention to the thickness of materials and glass, but the requirements for hardware are not very high. The country's requirements for solid wood doors and windows are certain. The wood material used for high-quality solid wood doors and windows, its thickness, strength and oxide film can generally meet the national standards, for example: the normal thickness of wood edge still solid wood door is 40MM, with belly plate thickness 22MM, if there is customer demand thickening Customized, we prioritize customization according to customer needs.

Second, processing

With good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. Since most doors and windows also rely on the manual operation of the installation workers, this requires the operator to have a good sense of product quality. It is important to enhance the proficiency and product awareness of the operator during the production process. High-quality solid wood doors and windows, fine processing, smooth tangent, uniform angle, there should be no obvious gaps in the splicing process, good sealing performance, smooth switch. If the processing is unqualified, there will be problems with the sealing property. Not only will the wind leak and the rain leak, but under the action of strong wind and large external force, the glass will explode and fall off, which will cause loss of property and even injury to the owner.

Third, the price

Since the price of solid wood doors and windows is higher than the price of composite doors, the price of some high-quality wooden doors and windows is at least 50% higher than that of inferior wood doors and windows. Inferior wood doors and windows usually use sandwich fir, and the original veneer is attached, whether it is from tensile strength or yielding. The degree is much lower than the relevant national regulations. These wooden doors and windows have a short life and low compression resistance. Therefore, when the owner purchases the product, he should not be cheap and despise the quality of the home improvement.

Fourth, the credibility

It is also very important to pay attention to the reputation and service quality of the merchants when choosing. It is related to how the after-sales promises of the brand manufacturers can be honored when the quality problems of the products in life occur! The public number "Jiuzhengmen window net: jiuzhengmenchuang"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzhengmen window network exchange group]

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