Install the kitchen ceiling should pay attention to what

The kitchen ceiling is not only beautiful, but also can cover the pipes and water on the top of the kitchen. Although the Chinese kitchen is full of fumes, as long as the easy-to-clean kitchen ceiling material is selected, the post-cleaning maintenance is not difficult. In addition to selecting good materials, what problems should be paid attention to when installing kitchen ceilings? Follow Xiaobian to see it.

First, the kitchen ceiling material selection

1, PVC ceiling material: In the kitchen ceiling, PVC material is still very common, its bright color, corrosion resistance, strong and durable. The price is cheap, and the market is one of the most popular ceiling materials for decoration. It is also a material with a large amount of use. Its light weight, durability and use, but also a good material for fire protection, can withstand the corrosion of soot.

2, gypsum board ceiling materials: gypsum board is rarely used in the kitchen ceiling, because the gypsum board is the core component of gypsum, solid water resistance is not good, in a humid environment susceptible to moisture deterioration. Of course, its decorative effect is very good, ductility and modeling ability is very strong, the price is more affordable. If you can ensure the kitchen is dry, you can still use the gypsum board ceiling.

3, mineral wool board: mineral wool board in the kitchen ceiling used less, the core component is carbon, the quality is heavy, hard, the price is relatively high. It is generally used for ceilings in special occasions.

4. Sauna board: The sauna board is naturally waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. However, the price is quite expensive.

5, aluminum buckle plate: aluminum buckle plate is the most used materials in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, because of its easy installation, light weight, loved by everyone! The price is cheap!

6. Integrated ceiling: Most of the integrated ceilings are made of all-metal materials. They have excellent performance in waterproof performance and fire performance, and they are quick and easy to install, and the price is relatively fair.

Second, kitchen ceiling design requirements

1. It is used to block structural members and various equipment pipes and devices.

2. For roofs of rooms with acoustic requirements, the surface shape and material should be considered according to the sound quality requirements.

3, ceiling is an important part of the interior decoration, should be considered in conjunction with the interior design considerations, installed on the ceiling of a variety of lamps and air conditioning air outlet should be an organic whole of the ceiling decoration.

4, to facilitate the maintenance of various devices and pipelines hidden in the ceiling.

5, ceiling should be easy to industrial construction, and try to avoid wet operations.

Tips: For more information on kitchen ceiling installation, please pay attention to this site information.

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