Home decoration different space ceiling material how to choose

In addition to the decorative effect of the ceiling in the home, it can also play a good function of moisture, smoke and other fumes, but also can help hide the pipe wires indoors, hide the light source, bring better visual effects for the interior, decoration ceiling, not only It is the need for quality materials, but also the need to use materials to the right place, to play its greatest advantage. So how do the ceilings of different ceilings for home improvement installations are selected? Follow the small series together to understand the method of ceiling shopping.

Living room ceiling gypsum board best decorations

Gypsum board ceiling is mainly made of hydrated lime raw materials mixed with additives and fibers, which itself has the advantages of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and other practical advantages, but also suitable for a variety of different decoration sites.

Gypsum board ceilings can be mainly divided into two kinds of embossing and veneering, in which the gypsum board is lighter in weight and can play a good indoor moisture-proof effect, and its construction is convenient, the processing performance is good, and can be made according to the needs of consumers. All kinds of different embossed patterns, while the paper surface acoustic board is based on paper gypsum board as the substrate, the surface with a light screen printing paint decoration and drilling processing molding, its fire insulation, heat insulation and anti-vibration functions are better .

In addition to plasterboard ceilings, decorative plaster moldings are also common ceiling decorations in the living room. They can replace the essential line feet to match the ceilings of various gypsum decorative panels, making the interior decoration of the ceiling seamless, three-dimensional sense, good integrity, and decorative plaster. The board's low price and strong plasticity are now mainstream choices in home improvement.

The kitchen ceiling is easy to clean

The most troublesome in the kitchen is probably the fumes produced during the cooking process. They have not been taken away by smoke hoods and eventually deposited on ceilings. It is easy to form a layer of “oil film” for many years, adding odors to the home and also affecting living. Health, it looks cluttered indoors.

The selection of kitchen ceilings must be facilitated by cleanliness as the primary condition, in addition to the need for good moisture and corrosion resistance. Plastic gussets are currently the most popular ceiling materials for kitchens. In addition to the strong corrosion and moisture resistance of plastic materials, Cleanliness is also outstanding.

Aluminum gussets are a type of metal ceilings that have become popular with PVC gussets in recent years. Compared with plastics, metal gussets have more upscale visual effects. In addition to moisture-proof and easy-to-clean, aluminum gussets are rich in color. The construction is convenient, and it is less deformable than the PVC material. It will not be replaced in long-term use.

Balcony bathroom ceiling sauna plate brings the strongest moisture resistance

The balcony and the bathroom are the places with the most water vapor in the home, so the suspended ceilings of these two parts also require its absolute superior moisture-proof performance. Apart from the more common PVC material ceilings, the sauna plate can be said to be the best choice for the ceilings of these two spaces.

Sauna board is a type of special wood used for toilets. It is generally imported pine wood and Nanyang hardwood. After waterproof, antiseptic and other special treatment, it is made of a kind of wooden material that is not afraid of blisters and will not be mildewed and rot.

The sauna board is mainly used for plug-in connection in the decoration. If it is used in the bathroom and balcony, the matte varnish needs to be brushed twice for moisture protection. The sauna plate is subjected to high-temperature degreasing treatment and can withstand high temperatures and is not easily deformed.

Balcony ceiling installation generally need to first close the balcony, open balcony is generally not installed ceiling, and sauna plate after high temperature and humidity treatment, can better adapt to the outdoor environment, in addition to the sauna board, plastic plate ceiling is also a good choice for balcony and bathroom .

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