Color solar cells make the display more efficient

Color solar cells make the display more efficient

A new type of solar cell dual pixel screen can greatly improve the energy efficiency of mobile phones and e-readers. This technology may also be used in larger displays, such as energy-collecting billboards and decorative solar panels.

(Reflective photovoltaic color filter devices are actually adding color to the solar cells to facilitate the collection of screen pixel energy. This can improve the efficiency of the display and apply to solar panel decoration and energy efficiency billboards.)

Jay Guo, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan, has discovered that a reflective photoelectric color filter device can absorb light and convert it to electrical energy. This study has been published in the NANO magazine sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

According to Guo, traditional LCD monitors actually have less than 8% of the backlight reaching the viewer's eyes, and the rest are absorbed by color filters and polarizers. "These absorbed light is completely wasted," he said. "It's getting hot. If you put your hand close to the monitor, you can feel it. Why not try to harvest this energy?"

This is what he did, and his new filter converts 2% of the wasted light into electricity, which can be very effective in a small electronic product.

This new type of filter device is actually a beautiful ultra-thin color filter added to organic semiconductor solar cells, similar to the laboratory research of Guo a year ago. The filter is made of metal nano-sheets with precise pitch gratings acting as resonators, capturing and reflecting the light of a particular color, the color relies only on the amount of space between the slits.

The new filter, which is only 200 nanometers thick and 100 times thinner than conventional colorant-based filters, will be even more attractive as a feature of future ultra-thin color displays.

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