New porous aluminum material increases 3x battery capacity

Sumitomo Electric Industries Co., Ltd. recently developed a new type of aluminum porous aluminum material - Celmet, which can increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by 1.5-3 times.

“Mission anxiety” has always been a major factor hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. People are always worried that when electric cars are running out of electricity, they will be stranded on the way. Now, this new material developed by Sumitomo Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan can help eliminate this concern. The new materials can increase the battery capacity of electric vehicles by 1.5 to 3 times, which will greatly extend the lifespan and mileage of electric vehicles.

From the 40x magnifying glass, it can be seen that Al-Celmet is a three-dimensional mesh-like structure filled with interconnected, open, spherical microporous materials that are easily shaped by cutting, stamping, etc. Processing. Although Sumitomo Electric's previously-produced nickel-Celmet is also a porous structure, Al-Celmet has a density that is only one-third that of nickel-Celmet, and its electrical resistance is also not half that of nickel, and it is also highly resistant to corrosion. It is more suitable for lithium ion or other batteries that require frequent charging and discharging.

Sumitomo Electric stated that Al-Celmet has already begun small-scale production in Osaka, Japan, and is striving to achieve large-scale production and commercialization.

Isothiazolinones is composed of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (CMI) and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (MI). The bactericidal effect of Isothiazolinones is carried out through breaking the bond between bacteria and algae protein. When contacted with microbes, Isothiazolinones can quickly inhibit their growth, thus leading to death of these microbes. Isothiazolinones has strong inhibition and biocidal effects on ordinary bacteria, fungi and alga, and has many advantages such as high biocidal efficiency, good degradation, no residual, safety in operation, good compatibleness, good stabilization, low cost in operation.

Isothiazolinones CMIT/MIT Biocide

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