Unlimited business opportunities in the domestic market of the home furnishing industry

The 24th China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (Furniture Exhibition) has come to an end for a week, but this autumn furniture exhibition in 2009 has left people with endless thinking and aftertaste. What new changes and developments have occurred between China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair and the past? How does the home furnishing industry under the influence of the financial crisis discuss its future development direction? Although the furniture industry is fiercely competitive, it has been under tremendous pressure under the impact of the financial tsunami since last year. However, this furniture expo has left a brand-new impression full of hope-major home furnishing companies strive to explore and regain the vitality of the home furnishing industry.

"One-stop" concept is more prominent

The 24th China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo was held at the same time as the 2009 China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings and Home Textiles and Fabrics Exhibition, so the exhibition is called "the one-stop exhibition feast". The exhibition area reached 160,000 square meters, an increase of 23% over the same period last year. There were more than 700 well-known companies participating in the exhibition, an increase of 7.4% over the same period last year, including the Federation, Hong Kong Xingli, Youzuo, Red Apple, Many well-known brands, such as Jianwei, Kangsheng, and Steroland, exhibited more than 26% of their new customers for the first time, such as Jisi, Heyi and Meiya. Everyone has launched their new products to dazzle the viewers. The products on display are rich and varied, including modern civilian furniture, classical civil furniture, home accessories and supplies, craft home textiles, outdoor furniture and leisure products. 2009 China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings and Home Textiles Exhibition will add another 5000 square meters of display area. The creativity of novel, chic and colorful home accessories and home textile fabric products will bring unlimited enjoyment to the audience.

With no major changes in the past, the 24th China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo continues to focus on modern civilian furniture and classical civilian furniture. In this furniture exhibition, the classical exhibition area expanded 40,000 square meters, an increase of 33% year-on-year, while the classical civilian furniture was slightly neglected, and modern civilian furniture was very popular.

However, this exhibition is not only an expansion of scale, but also an increase in the variety of exhibitions, but also an overall improvement in the quality of exhibits. Exhibits of various types, diverse styles, and different positioning can fully meet the needs of different furniture companies and the home furnishing market around the world.

During the four days of the exhibition, the popularity of the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex has been high. The scale and popularity of this exhibition all show the confidence and hope of the industry for the home furnishing industry.

Great sales and domestic business opportunities

Since the financial tsunami, "export to domestic sales" has become a new direction in the furniture industry. In the past, about 15% of the booths of home fairs were only for export, but in this exhibition, the number of exhibitors who only pointed to foreign sales dropped to about 5%, and the words "only for foreign buyers" have disappeared. It is reported that many exhibitors who only export are promoting the domestic market for the first time. Export-to-domestic products have attracted many domestic buyers. Many furniture companies have also launched new autumn products for the domestic market, attracting many domestic buyers.

As the global financial crisis has a great impact on China's furniture exports, this year's furniture exhibition is still under the slogan of "export-oriented, taking into account the domestic market" to continue to explore new ideas for the sales of domestic furniture brands, to upgrade, consolidate and strengthen the home furnishing industry. Deepening the market is an inevitable choice for home furnishing companies. Seeing the huge potential of China's own market in the industry, furniture products have changed from a single export to a combination of domestic and foreign sales. Many products no longer refuse to sell domestically. Southwest, East China, and North China are also home to sales in the home industry.

New recruits adapt to new changes and explore new directions of home furnishing

More than 700 exhibitors seized this opportunity to give people a visual feast. Various new product designs and concepts reflect the new needs of people's lives brought about by the development and changes of society.

Among the many exhibitors, the first Italian famous sleep brand MPEG BEDING was attracting attention. The launch conference of its new mattress was held at this exhibition, in which Hu Jia, the weightlifting champion of the Beijing Olympic Games and the men ’s 10-meter platform jumping champion of the Athens Olympic Games, were invited to become the focus of attention.

The software sofa was added for the first time. The sofa area is dominated by federal high-end leather sofa products, fully embodying the comfort, softness, thoughtfulness and durability of the federal sofa, showing the top brand image of the federal sofa. According to the exhibition situation, the soft sofa has the tendency to surpass the wood and steel furniture. Outdoor furniture has also attracted a lot of attention, and woven furniture is still the focus of outdoor furniture exhibitions.

Although the outdoor furniture exhibition area is not large, accounting for only 1/4 of the hall, but the outdoor furniture market has great prospects. Even indoor furniture has the characteristics of outdoor sports, sunshine, and relaxation. The pure beauty family introduced Mulholland, golf, hunting and other furniture with American lifestyle temperament among young upstart consumers. Stylish home life. Insiders said that as people's lifestyles are converging with the world, the quality of life requirements are increasing day by day. Comfortable quality and furniture products with a young temperament will have an increasing market.

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